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Montgomery Medical Services is an advertising, marketing, acquisition, procurement, and consulting firm that specializes in the strategic implementation, and expansion of new or existing medically related services.


Whether your new business is an Ambulatory Care Center, a Hospice Agency, or a Residential Service Agency, Montgomery Medical Services can help you create corporate branding, logos, cards, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets, and folders. Additionally, we can also deliver these mediums to target audience through direct mailings, publications, or by simply using a Liaison.


Montgomery Medical Services, Inc will be involved in the systematic planing, implementation and control of a mix of business activities so as to bring you closer to the end user of your services. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the local healthcare market virtually assures seamless connectivity to those most interested in your company. Montgomery Medical Services will put you in contact with key individuals of your target audience so that the least amount of your time and effort have been utilized.


Our firm also specializes in expert Medical Malpractice reviews for attorneys and Law firms. Our Medical Staff has extensive experience in providing legal advise in matters related to Hospital, Nursing Home and Out Patient Medical care.


Our firm provides case management, medical consulting and medical-legal services as well. Whether you are a medical practice needing to expand into a multi-specialty group, or want to place your loved one in a group home or nursing home, our firm can provide the guidance beyond just the word of mouth. Want to set-up an Ambulatory care center and don't know where to start, look no further. Montgomery Medical Services will empower you with the knowledge and know how to get started. Our firm can also provide guidance regarding where to set-up local offices for Hospice and Home Health Agencies as well.


Montgomery Medical Services also specializes in the consulting, procurement and the acquisition of pharmaceutical products & services to a range of businesses and entities. Using a variety of procurement techniques assures efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions to your needs.


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