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Knowing where to go, whom to meet and how to present your services are the most challenging aspects of a new business. At Montgomery Medical Services, we have the knowledge and extensive industry connections you need to help point your business in the right direction.

History & Experience

Dr. Dadgar is a practicing Internist in Montgomery County, Maryland for the past 15 years. He completed his internship and residency at the Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago in 1998 and moved to Maryland where he founded his private practice, Montgomery Medical Associates, P.C. Since then, he has formed multiple businesses and has served as consultant medical director for many healthcare related organizations. Dr. Dadgar is currently focusing his efforts on consulting various healthcare groups, critical Utilization Review, medical-legal consultations and procurement of pharmaceuticals for various healthcare entities.

Founder & CEO, Montgomery ACO
Founder & CEO, Montgomery Medical Services
Medical Director, Celtic Home Healthcare
Medical Director, Heartland Hospice
Medical Director, Heartland Home Healthcare
Medical Director, Montgomery Acute Renal Center
Medical Director, Montgomery Village Nursing Center
Founder & CEO, Montgomery Medical Associates

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